Concentration #11

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Artist statement:

This painting depicts a little girl wearing a pink scarf tied around her head staring straight ahead with a bored or unhappy expression. She seems to be unaware of the giant green snake behind her. This reflects my concentration theme, “a dangerous situation.” The most important element of art is color because I chose colors to emphasize the character of each of the subjects. I used pink and yellow for the little girl’s clothing, cheeks, and lips because they suggest bright youthfulness and innocence. I chose a vivid green for the snake’s body to represent evil and a bright red to emphasize the danger of the snake’s sharp fangs, devilish forked tongue, and mouth. I initially had trouble with the composition because the snake seemed to be behind the girl due to issues with perspective. I resolved this by bringing the tail end of the snake directly behind the girl, close to the foreground. I painted this in Photoshop CS6.


Concentration #12


fish.jpgProcess:fish draft crop

fish cropArtist statement:

My work depicts a deep sea diver being lured to his certain death by the light from a mysterious glowing humanoid. The hint of long, luminous teeth are shown at the edge of the piece, foreshadowing the danger of the situation. The theme of my concentration is “a risky situation” and I tried to show that by making the angler fish’s teeth bright and in high contrast to its background and through making the angler fish’s “lure” in a humanoid form.  The humanoid but strangely long and skinny limbs emphasize the alien like aspect of the glowing lure and suggest the danger of the strange unknown. The craggy rocks and diagonal ray of light frame the piece, leading the viewer’s eye across the central subjects of the piece – from the long teeth to the glowing light to the small scuba diver. The contrast in size between the first subject, the long teeth, to the last subject, the scuba diver, emphasizes the helplessness of the tiny human in a dangerous, supernatural situation. The most obvious art elements of this work is color and value because the most important subjects in the piece – the diver, fish, and the lure – are illuminated by a ray of blue light. I painted this in Photoshop CS6. Originally, my idea for the lighting was to have a ray of light shining down on the fish from above with a bright glow coming from the lure, but I changed it to a vertical shaft of light because it would direct the viewer’s eyes in order from the fish to the lure to the scuba diver.

Concentration #12

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Artist statement:

This is a watercolor portrait. I used purples and blues to paint abstract clouds floating up to her shoulders to give the painting a surreal and dreamy effect. I had trouble with making the skin smooth because of the tooth of the paper and though I like the texture of the blue at the side of her face, I wish I had kept that line between her face and the blue cleaner. I wish that I had kept the clouds more watery and layered them with light washes instead of putting down so much pigment because I found it hard to blend the clouds so they faded into the blue background as a gradient. I painted this with Koi watercolors.

Concentration #11

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Artist statement:

This piece, titled Chickie, is a portrait of my little sister with an unhappy expression. I wanted to juxtapose fresh, bright, and rosy colors like (the pink in her cheeks and the yellow in her head scarf) with her expression to make the portrait cute and funny. Some difficulties that I had in the process was deciding where her head should be. I eventually cropped the paper so her head was a little to the left of the center. The most important element of art is color because the colors brings the subject to life while making the rest of the drawing fades into the background. I chose to leave the things behind her un rendered for this purpose. My materials were colored pencils on smooth Bristol board.

Concentration #10

Idea/thumbnail sketches:image.jpegVisual references/inspirations:diverssharkzgreat-white-mouthWorkstation/tools:imageimageProgress:sharkshark2shark2 (1)shark final

Artist statement:
This piece depicts a man diving off a diving board against a blood red sunset. The dangerous part of this painting – my concentration theme – is the fleshy pink, toothy mouth of a giant shark waiting for him in the water. The most important element of this painting is color because I chose vibrant orange, reds, and purples to make the sky seem surreal and give the painting a fantasy feeling.  painted this in Photoshop CS6.

Concentration #9

































Materials/tools:imageThumbnails/sketches:imageimageimageProcess:angry horse 1angry horse 2angry horse 3

The title of this piece is The Terror of Skyhorse Fury.  It depicts a scared man running from an angry alicorn. The most important element of Art in this piece is color because I used color to convey the emotion of this piece. The sickly blue red color emphasizes the man’s feeling of terror and the pale blue glow in the unicorn’s eyes and around the mane emphasizes its supernatural power. I painted this in Photoshop CS6.

Concentration #8




Thumbnail:bus stop

Process:bus stop3bus stop4

Artist statement:

The title of this piece is Bus Stop. I painted this in Photoshop CS6. It shows a schoolgirl at a bus stop with a long necked woman beside her. Bloody handprints dot her dress and even her own hand is red with blood. I was inspired by the French foreign animation film Peurs du Noir (Fears of the Dark). One of the animation segments in the film contained an animation of a rokurokubi – a long necked Japanese demon that is occasionally described to drink the blood of humans. The most important element of art in this work is color and form because the  green dress color of the rokurokubi stretches into the tops of the trees, which suggests that she is everywhere at once, that she surrounds the schoolgirl. The form of the rokurokubi is long and thin because I wanted her to seem snakelike.

Concentration #7





Workplace:imageimageimageimageimageArtist statement:

The title of this painting is Whale Ride. I used pencil and watercolors. The most important element of art in this piece is color. I chose bright colors and a simpler style for a fun, fantastical theme. The focus of my concentration is “a risky situation” and the person being blown across the sky by the whale spout portrays that. I had three idea sketches but I can’t find them.

Concentration #6


Artem Cheboha Rhads does surreal paintings of the natural world.




volcano1Process:volcano2volcano2Artist statement:

The title of this piece is Lava Surfer. I painted this in Photoshop CS6. The most important element of art in this piece is color. I tried to use a vibrant blue against the red of the wave so the subject would stand out. My concentration theme is “a risky situation,” which this surfer is in because he is surfing on a wave of lava. I struggled with placing the volcano. In the future, I could shift it back so it seems farther in the distance. I could also add more textures to the volcano.

Concentration #5






Progress:aquarium3aquarium finalArtist statement:

The title of this piece is The Aquarium. My concentration theme is “a risky/dangerous situation” and this piece shows the dangerous situation of angry swordfish breaking the glass at an aquarium while the audience watches on, clueless about the danger that an angry swordfish poses. The most important element of art in this is color because the brighter blue color in this piece highlights the main subject, the swordfish. I painted this in Photoshop CS6.