Breadth #12









road4.png1. The name of this work is The Road. It shows an elderly couple going down a paved road in a motorized wheelchair.

2. I used a graphite sketch and the painting tools in Photoshop CS6 to create this work.

3. In this piece, I was trying to convey the emotion of happiness. My goal was for the viewer to get a sense of the joy that a deep bond between people can create.

4. My goal as an artist is to depict the nuances of human emotion. I think this piece brought me a little closer to this goal because I now have more experience with using colors and environment to suggest a mood.

5. Thus will influence my future works because I now feel more confident to experiment with different colors until I get a desired effect.

Breadth #10





Process:fullsizerender-5fullsizerender-61. The title of this work is “Stop to Smell the Roses.” It is a watercolor painting of businessmen and businesswomen walking down a city street. The buildings all have flowering green plants growing in their windows and doorways, and the people all have clocks for faces.

2. I used pencils for the sketch and colored it with watercolors.

3. I tried to convey the idea that people are so absorbed with work that they forget to enjoy their life. Instead of stopping to smell the flowers sprouting out everywhere, they focus on time and economy.

4. In creating this work, I learned that I need to check my drawing in the mirror more often than I think I need to because the perspective of this piece is off. Because this was my first time using watercolor, I learned a lot about water. I learned about how much water I should use for the piece to come out a certain way and that I should layer colors gradually, starting lightly and with more water before going darker.

Breadth #9


imageProcess:digi-age-3-01. The title of this work is The Digital Age. It shows a girl being prevented from typing at the computer by a large hand that comes out of the screen and is strangling her.

2. I used the painting and airbrush tools in Photoshop Cs6.

3. I wanted to express the prevalence of online harassment. People who write their opinions on the Internet are often attacked and under fire by those who disagree with them. I wanted to show the struggle of people who use the Internet as a social justice platform and also show how the intent of aggressive online comments is always to strangle, to silence.

4. My goal as an artist is to show the complexities of human nature. My goal for this piece was to portray both an aggressive side and a more vulnerable side to human nature. I think this piece could be improved in terms of helping me to reach that goal because I don’t think the hand and arm reaching out conveys aggressiveness well enough.

5. From making this piece I learned that using more grayed tones can create a good effect for shadows. I also learned that I need more work on creating dramatic poses.

Breadth #8



jungle.jpgArtist statement:

1. The title of this work is Bleeding River. It is a drawing of a jungle and its rivers, which run blood red toward the end of the river.
2. I scanned a pencil sketch into the computer and used the painting tools in Photoshop CS6 to create this piece.

5. This work did not come out the way I had expected because I had initially planned to draw a cute and cartoon style for the jungle and tigers, but I changed my mind. This will influence my future pieces because I now have learned a little more about how to best compose a landscape painting.

Breadth # 7



References:FullSizeRender (2).jpg


Process:lily-process-1lily-process-2lily-process-3lily-process-4lily-process-5lily-final1. The title of this work is Young Sage. It shows a little girl with a knowing expression and book shelves in the background.

2. I used the painting and airbrush tools in Gimp 2.8 and Photoshop CS6.

3. I wanted to convey the special maturity that children can have through the little girl’s expression and the bookshelves in the background.

4. My goal as an artist is to depict the complexity of human nature. I think this piece helps me reach this goal because it attempts to portray the contradictory characteristics that a child can possess.

5. This piece will influence my future works because it has helped me experiment with how to best create a specific kind of facial expression. This piece was not what I had expected it to become. Initially, I had wanted to draw the little girl with a black background and gold liquid pooling out of her hands to symbolize the idea that knowledge is valuable like gold. However, I changed it to a background with bookshelves because the dark background had too much negative space.